Smoke DZA Blows Some Cloud Rap Overtop An Experimental Flying Lotus Beat (Audio)

Although Flying Lotus has built his following in the Electric music and Instrumental Hip-Hop genre, the California native has roots in Rap. He’s worked with Finale, D. Prosper, and Blu, but now the Los Angeles-based musician links with Kush God?

Well, not completely. But DZA hops on a FlyLo beat for Cinematic Music Group exec Steve-O’s podcast (he also took the flick below), and it sounds solid. After all, DZA’s found his greatest successes working with Brooklyn’s Harry Fraud, who is also among the more experimental dudes makin’ noise in the game. “Just My Thoughts” is just that, 16 bars of stream of consciousness in a way you might not have heard before.


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