9th Wonder Prepares For His Hip-Hop Fellowship At Harvard, Kendrick Lamar & DJ Premier Speak On It (Video)

In addition to the Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship at Harvard, 9th Wonder is currently a fellow at the Ivy League university. He will spend three years working on a research project at Harvard’s W.E.B. Dubois Institute. 9th, who has taught for years at North Carolina Central University (alongside Kid, from Kid n’ Play) as well as Duke University, takes his scholarly insights on the culture of Hip-Hop, along with his practical experience in working with Jay Z, Erykah Badu, and others. He’s said to be working on a Harvard project “These Are The Breaks” which looks at the sampling influence on 10 of his personal best albums in the genre.

A beautiful trailer vignette shows 9th preparing for his fellowship/”These Are The Breaks.” Kendrick Lamar, Young Guru, DJ Premier and the esteemed African American Studies team at Harvard contribute thoughts, in this video—which truly could serve as a small trailer for what’s great, enduring, and ageless about Hip-Hop.

9th most definitely is the Hip-Hop Fellow.

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