Big L Rest in Peace: 15 Classic Big L Freestyles (Audio)

Rest in Peace to Big L who passed away 15 years ago today. To celebrate his too short life but enduring legacy, NahRight & Up North Trips have assembled a compilation of 15 classic Big L Freestyles. Check out the legendary Big L/Jay Z freestyle below and a link to the full piece.

Here’s what NahRight & Up North Trips had to say about the Big L/Jay Z freestyle:

5. “Keep it Real Freestyle” ft. Jay Z (Stretch and Bobbito)

Big L fans most likely know this whole 1995 Stretch and Bob session with Jay Z word for word, because they probably hit rewind on the shit like the rest of us thousands of times over the years. It’s arguably the most iconic freestyle session of both of their careers, as L goes back and forth with Jigga over Milkbone’s “Keep it Real” instrumental. Higgedy Hov spits an old school style that def proves he’s always had “crazy skills,” but you gotta admit that Big L straight blacks out here on some whole other shit. No wonder Roc-A-Fella was looking to sign him before he passed. Whose verses do you like more?

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