Bun B & Prodigy Link With Remy Banks & Charlie RED Over A Hitmen-Certified Beat (Audio)

Puffy’s Hitmen were one of Hip-Hop’s few examples of a hit factory. Mirrored after the producers, songwriters, and session musicians that drove the hit singles for labels like Motown, Stax, and Atco Records, this is something that’s expensive and time-consuming. In other words, you’d better have a studio with many rooms, and you can’t be worried about payroll.

While Dr. Dre has had some understudies over the years ranging from Daz Dillinger and Warren G, to Sam Sneed and Scott Storch, he’s one of the few. Master P famously tried this with Beats By The Pound.

Puffy and Bad Boy Records have been very successful, since the label’s earliest days. Cats like D Dot, Nysheim Merrick, Amen Ra Lawrence, Easy Mo Bee, Stevie J, and even D.I.T.C.’s Lord Finesse and Buckwild were names thrown into the mix that churned out successful records with successful acts such as Total, Ma$e, and Black Rob.

The lineup at Bad Boy always changes (like its CEO’s nicknames). In the 2000s, Sean C & LV became the new Hitmen, and famously tackled a bulk of Jay-Z’s American Gangster, in addition to a bunch of in-house work at Daddy’s House Studios. Longtime record-men and A&Rs with heavy crates and big experience, they helped give Jay the throwback sound he wanted to rap his own life, as well as parts of what he saw in the film of the same name. Sean and LV have been quiet as of late, but did they ever come back strong on “Where’s Your Leader?”. Recruiting Prodigy (who they knew from the Loud Records days) and UGK’s Bun B, the O.G. quotient is heavy on this. Then, adding Worlds Fair’s Remy Banks, they’ve got something. And that’s this:


How did two vets do in terms of grabbing your attention with something new in Remy B and Charlie RED?

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