Ice-T Is The Next ’80s Hip-Hop O.G. To Lend His Talents To A Talk Show?

This year has seen 3rd Bass’ MC Serch move from Hip-Hop music to radio to talk-show television. The Rockaway, Queens native has already had some compelling moments on his show. Now it seems that Ice-T, who like Serch, has some experience with television, is now going to try out a talk-show format.


The Urban Daily spoke to the Ice O.G., who was a little short on details, but indicated a clearcut direction in his next boob-tube venture. For over a decade, Ice has been a leading cast member on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” More recently, Ice and wife Coco appeared in an E! Channel’s “Ice Loves Coco.”

So says Ice about his new venture: “It’s a talk scenario, but it’s based around you coming over [to mine and Coco’s] crib. And it’s not just based on celebrities. It’s based on normal people and good questions. We’ll probably talk about different topics, but something that’s comfortable for me to do. At this point in my career, if its not comfortable I’m not doing it. I think you should get some type of game off of a project like this. To me game is just a code for education.”

What do you think?

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