John Singleton Is Taking Over The Tupac Shakur Biopic

Director/writer John Singleton has been reported as the latest visionary at the helm of Tupac Shakur’s biopic. After years in pre-production, the film, which is partially in the hands of veteran Hip-Hop producer L.T. Hutton (Eazy-E/Snoop Dogg) now goes to the director of Boyz N The Hood. John will re-write the script as well as direct.

Singleton notably worked with Shakur on Poetic Justice, after the Interscope Records Hip-Hop star was ousted from the Hughes Brothers’ Menace II Society, after a highly-publicized altercation with one of the directors. Perhaps who better to tackle the challenging story of the Thug Angel than somebody who knew him, and watched it all unfold first-hand?

Singleton’s films, which span across multiple genres, have a reputation for crescendo endings, and themes of family. Do you think he will be a good fit for a biography that people seem to take so personally?

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