Marvin Gaye & Mos Def’s Yasiin Gaye Mash-Up Is Here. The Departure: Side 1 (Mixtape)

One of the biggest hits of 2014 on Ambrosia For Heads has been Yasiin Gaye. The mash-up experiment by Amerigo Gazaway, combining the music of Marvin Gaye and Mos Def, crosses time, space, and genre to show that great, enduring music has no confines. It’s almost eerie how one artist who died over 12 years before the other artist appeared on albums by De La Soul and Da Bush Babees were on the same themes. Well, Bandcamp has made the full Yasiin Gaye – The Departure: Side 1 available for stream and free download. It’s highly urged that you stop whatcha’doin’ and take heed to some blended soul(s).


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