MF DOOM & Bishop Nehru Are Caught In The Studio. The Masked Villain Speaks On Nehruvian Doom EP (Video)

MF DOOM interviews and video appearances are rare as can be. However, the 25-year Rap veteran found it worthy to welcome some London-based cameras to discuss what he’s doing with Bishop Nehru. This says a lot, as DOOM was around for the burgeoning careers of The Beatnuts, Cage, Scienz Of Life, and plenty others. Nehru, whose style is rooted in the elements that guys like DOOM created, has not yet released an album. But that’s soon changing, in the form of the Nehruvian Doom EP.

Check out DOOM’s insights, and how this low-key tandem is recording this project, when too many rappers make albums through pin-hole mics and back-and-forth emails:

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