Nas’ Street Dreams Take Shape In The Form Of An Episodic Series In Development At XBox Studios

Nasir Jones is making unfathomable moves for the MC who once “waved automatic guns at nuns.” Queensbridge’s finest has a Harvard University Fellowship. He has a stake in Mass Appeal magazine and digital. The veteran lyricist is enjoying the latest in a long catalog of originally-shelved and tribute material, in Illmatic XX.


Now, Deadline reports that Microsoft’s XBox Studios has reached an agreement with Nas to produce a 1990s music series, called (what better than) “Street Dreams.” Taking its name from Nas’ It Was Written hit, the series focuses on the life of the young rapper, mentored by greats like Large Professor, MC Serch, and Kool G. Rap.

Jonathan Levine, who wrote and directed the Hip-Hop-centered The Wackness (Ben Kingsley film), will be on board for this one, with Nas having a hand in the story and music. No dates have been announced.

What’s one thing you know from Nas’ life that will make for a compelling episode? How about the reported meeting with 2Pac in Central Park?

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