Shut ‘Em Down: DMX & George Zimmerman Boxing Match Canceled After Protest

Last week, it was announced that acquitted murderer George Zimmerman would battle rapper/actor DMX in the boxing ring for a three-round, refereed fight. X immediately hyped the event, forecasting that he would not only beat up the former Florida resident, but would urinate on the man responsible for the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

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Between calling the event “celebrity boxing” to the perpetuation of some racial stereotypes, to making light out of death, many audiences protested that the fight not happen. Those outcries have been heard, as it’s now been reported that the fight will not happen.

Celebrity Boxing (company name) owner Damon Feldman announced his decision to cancel the event (per BET News), citing that there is “more to life than money.” A self-proclaim spokesman for DMX responded that the multi-platinum rapper had never agreed to the event in the first place.

Almost a year after Rick Ross lost a Reebok sponsorship for his “U.O.E.N.O.” lyrics after protest groups took to social media and the streets, does this restore your faith in speaking out?

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