What Five-Figure Piece Of Memorabilia Did A Record Buyer Find Inside An Album Sleeve? (Video)

Heads who collect records know that you can find some pretty interesting stuff when you dig. Besides the racks of wax, a lot of older albums can be secret hideaways for things: love letters, journals, rolling papers, stickers, and the old cryptic messages some people like to put in the run-off part of the record.

On a recent episode of PBS “Antique Roadshow” museum curator in Detroit, Michigan purchased an older Motown Records session musician’s album collection (this story sounds a little shaky, just sayin’). Inside, he finds a passport belonging to the holy grail of the Motown sound: Marvin Gaye. Due to Marvin’s private way, plus his tragic and untimely death in the early 1980s, his items and memorabilia are at a premium. So what’s a 1964, hey-day era passport worth, of a young Gaye?

Have you ever found anything valuable, interesting or meaningful in an album, tape, or CD case?

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