DJ Premier Shows The Untouched Remnants Of D&D Studios, How A Fight With Guru Made A Gang Starr Classic (Video)

In Gang Starr’s Hard To Earn 20th anniversary year, DJ Premier has done some special press concerning the group, the album, and the legendary status of his group with Guru. Today, DJ Premier, along with a host of others, work out of Midtown Manhattan’s HeadCourterz Studios. Named after the late Gang Starr Foundation member, HeadCourterz sits in the Garment District with a rich history dating back to the early 1980s in its previous life, as D&D Studios.

Although used by Madonna, Vanilla Ice, and a host of other Pop acts from the day, D&D Studios became a Hip-Hop landmark in the early ’90s. With rooms occupied by DJ Premier, D.I.T.C., Da Beatminerz, and Tony Touch, this studio was a recording house used by Jay Z, Big L, Big Pun, Nas, Just-Ice, Boot Camp Clik, KRS-One, The Notorious B.I.G., and a host of others. In 2004, when the studio was put up for sale, DJ Premier purchased the landmark, where he and Showbiz continue to work daily today.

Hip-Hop Wired gained access to the studio, and spoke to Premier about the room he insists on keeping a 20-year time-capsule. They also asked him about some Gang Starr Hard To Earn classics, including one (“Now You’re Mine”), completed in one-take, that was recorded in the midst of a Preme vs. Guru tussle.

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