Here’s Some Previously Unreleased D’Angelo That Will Get You Jonesing for More (Audio)

Few artists have had such a huge impact on music with such a small catalog of recordings as D’Angelo. Both Brown Sugar and Voodoo are revered and considered by many to be classics but, sadly, D has not released a new album since 2000. That will change (sorta) next week with the re-release of D’Angelo: Live at the Jazz Café with 13 several previously unreleased songs. This performance was recorded in 1995, before the 6-pack, when D’Angelo was all about velvety vocals and playing the hell out of the keys. Take a couple of moments and remember the genius that was/is D’Angelo as he puts a Jonz in Your Bonz.


And, here’s his cover of Sweet Sticky Things by The Ohio Players.

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