If You’ve Never Heard Nas’ 1993 Freestyle On The Stretch & Bobbito Show, You Must (Audio)

In 1993, Nas was in a weird space. It would be over a year before he would release the groundbreaking Illmatic debut. However, Nasty Nas was making a name through New York City performances, and a series of Large Professor collaborations, from 1991’s “Live At The BBQ” on down to “Halftime” in ’92, and “It Ain’t Hard To Tell.”

With Jungle beside him, Nasir hit the acclaimed Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito The Barber Show on 89.9FM in ’93. In addition to shouting out DJ Premier, Group Home, and a host of others, Nas hits the vibraphone beat (and later some Grover Washington, Jr. flavor) with an off the dome moment in time, in part one of his freestyles with the heralded radio duo. If you’ve never heard this, you must—before it releases on the Illmatic XX.

Some of the pre-Braveheartz affiliates (Jungle, Grand Wizard, et. al) kick some raps too…


How about these bars evolving into album verses?

If you heard this in ’93, would you have believed what was about to unfold?

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