Jay Electronica Resurfaces On A Highly-Stylized Track That’s A Sharp Reminder Of His Greatness (Audio)

Jay Electronica largely shunned any spotlight in 2013 (well, besides couple of key appearances alongside Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean, as well as Rapsody and Phonte, respectively). However, the Roc Nation artist (or so we still believe) continues to keep fans guessing at every turn. After being seen in Austin, Texas by Heads at South By Southwest, it’s clear that Jay E. is not very far away. To end the week, he releases “Better In Tune With The Infinite.”

The record, just one potent and careful verse mixed in with 1930s film dialogue and some sweet sung vocals from LaTonya Givens, is very much in the “Exhibit” series ilk. Jay Electronica masters the “here and now” raps, letting you know the exact moment the pen hits the paper, what’s going on in his head. This one kind of meshes well with his standout 2010 appearance on Reflection Eternal’s “Just Begun,” which also featured a newly-emerging J. Cole.


Is (the other) Jay finally ready for that album?

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