Buckwild Makes Beats That Make Rappers Shine. Check What He Does For Mayhem Lauren (Audio)

D.I.T.C.’s Buckwild sometimes feels like the lowest-profile producer within the clique. True, Diamond D, Lord Finesse, and Showbiz often get more name-checked recognition from MCs and aspiring producers, but it seems that Buckwild is the most prolific, especially within the last 15 years. The Bronx producer, who created Kurupt Money Entertainment back in the day, has been responsible for supplying heat to the likes of O.C. (“Times Up”), Sadat X (“The Lump, Lump”), and of course Black Rob’s biggest hit, “Whoa.”

Buck’ is at work with Action Bronson’s Outdoorsmen band-mate Mayhem Lauren on Silk Pyramids. Due May 27th, the release is a benchmark for Mayhem, and a seeming return to form for Buck, who has not helmed a full-length since his 2010 Nineteen Ninety-Now effort with Army Of The Pharaohs/Demigodz member, Celph Titled.

Check out “Silk Shirts & Yellow Gold” and see if it’s the throwback to early ’90s New York, stylistically and musically, that the tandem is aiming for:

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