RZA Asks Several Fans’ Burning Questions Online

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RZA steps into Reddit realm as aunthenticRZA for his first AMA Q&A in which he attempts to get answers to the simple question, “How can someone who is Hip-Hop stop being Hip-Hop?”

Redditors, Wu-Tang, and RZA fans alike got rare access to The Abbott and sound off their thoughts on the question, seek knowledge, and pick the brain of the W.T.C. cofounder in an (almost) completely open interview.


Their were many topics abound for RZA to discuss in the whimsical setting of Reddit, but here are a few moments in which simple subjects, including giving a few business tips and talking Quentin Tarantino, become especially insightful, inspirational, and humorous.


“Hi RZA you started your own company in your early 20s. What was the voices in your head telling you? How did you sustain the business? Where did you get the knowledge to do all of it? Were you scared? Who helped you? Where did you get funding? I want to start my own business but I feel nothing but fear . Anything you share will help. Peace”

“Do not have fear. Because fear is nothing but a symptom of nervousness. Whatever business you want to start, do research. One of the books I read in the beginning of me starting my music business was by Donald Passman, and it was called simply “all you need to know about the music business.” After reading that book, I had a foundation at least of a course of action. And then I later talked to other smart people in the business, such as Queen Latifah and her manager Shakim, and Mr. James Smith, who had a record company called Yamaka Records, and a lawyer Bill Warren. Their knowledge, combined with the knowledge I obtained on my own, helped me courageously break into this music industry. This path can be carried out through any industry.”


“Dammit I had something for this.

How do you feel your circumstance has influenced the kind of music you’re making? In 20 years what have been the things that have affected you the most, for better or worse?

Also, how has knowing Quentin influenced your understanding of art?”


“Circumstances do influence music. Especially if you are naive to music theory. But once you know music theory, you actually can influence circumstances.The biggest effects on my life have been my wife and children.Although I have much success in different fields, and Wu-Tang literally saved my family from poverty, it’s the joy of watching them grow in a better situation that really inspires my life.

I could write volumes on what was gained and traded between me and Quentin when it comes to art and culture. Many times when we left each other presences, we both thanked each other for the enlightenment that we shared when it came to art. As a student of his, I’m forever grateful for his teaching and sparking me on a path to become a director.”


“What’s your favorite movie, and why is it ‘How High’?”


“Hahahahaheeehohohahaha. Lay off the drugs, cat. LOL.”Related: RZA Responds to Raekwon’s Heated Comments with Class & Respect. Get This Knowledge (Video),