Santana Recruits Miguel For The First Single From Their Reunion Album (Audio)

Miguel’s been on a tear lately. After recently covering an Elton John classic from the early ’70s, Miguel links with an alum of that era (and even before) in Carlos Santana. Santana, who’s worked extensively with Hip-Hop/R&B figures like Wyclef Jean, Everlast, and of course Product G&B, now opens up his versatility to play with Miguel’s versatile vocals and wavy delivery. “Indy,” by the entire band, Santana, celebrates the simple, self-minded things.

Clive Davis’ star pupil of the late ’60s pairs with his star pupil of recent.

BonusBeat: If you’re not hugely up on Santana, see if you can spot the sample that a certain Doctor used from this deep cut.

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