Take A Trip To Queensbridge With Nas’ Brother Jungle, Who Talks Illmatic Cover & Ill Will (Video)

From the original Illmatic release by Nas to this week’s Illmatic XX retrospective, the artist is forever tied to the Queensbridge Houses that inspired much of the album. VIBE goes into QB (something that many media outlets might not be so keen on), care of Mikey Fresh, who gets a guided tour from Nas’ brother Jungle.

From those Stretch & Bobbito Freestyles, to the on-album shouts, Jungle was very much present during the Illmatic days, and obviously found success with The Bravehearts later, and remains close with his brother today. Jungle shows Heads where the artwork image comes from (in the background), and discusses the tragic death of Ill Will, which Nas forever raps about, and named his own label after.

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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