The Roots Announce Their Next Album Is Less Than 6 Weeks Away

Earlier this week, The Roots dropped off “When The People Cheer,” their first completely in-house, new music in over a year. ?uestlove, Black Thought, Tuba Gooding, Jr. and the rest of the crew have now announced, via Def Jam Records, that their next studio album is coming May 19.


No additional info was provided. Previously, ?uestlove stated that the group’s 11th solo album (not counting live LPs, or work with Betty Wright, John Legend, or Elvis Costello) would be called & Then You Shoot Your Cousin.

Always tongue-in-cheek, the undun follow-up is alluded to be referencing another Def Jam legend, Slick Rick, who was incarcerated at the height of his stardom for shooting his cousin in 1990. That has never been outwardly stated by the Illadelph crew though…

What do you think?

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