A Reunited G-Unit Group At Summer Jam? Young Buck Tells DJ Whoo Kid His Thoughts… (Audio)

50 Cent is gearing up for Animal Ambition next month. Although a Game reunion/armistice still appears premature, many Heads speculated that perhaps Fif will shake his hometown with a G-Unit (post-2005, anyway) reunion on the Summer Jam stage. HOT 97’s annual concert-spectacular has become the venue for Hip-Hop to do things real big, whether it’s a notable boycott, a Michael Jackson appearance, battle-cry diss, or impromptu Papoose cameo during a headlining set. Additionally, 5-0 has been in a kinder mood these recent years, making amends with Fat Joe, and later with Jadakiss and the rest of The LOX, the majority of whom, appear on A.A.


So begs the question…what about Young Buck? It’s been over five years since the sudden 2008 fallout between Buck and 50 Cent, and then the rest of G-Unit, just days before sophomore group album, T.O.S. Buck has been released from G-Unit, and subsequently Interscope, and then incarcerated after many of his possessions were seized by tax collectors. As for 50 Cent, he too, has exited the Interscope building, parting ways with Eminem, (billionaire!) Dr. Dre, and Jimmy Iovine after a decade of platinum and gold wall-jewelry. Well, so what better publicity is there than Buck’s return, and G-Unit taking a page from The Diplomats, EPMD, Tha Dogg Pound, Jurassic 5, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, The Artifacts, and so many other groups with turmoil.

Young Buck says there’s no bad blood on his side, talking to G-Unit’s longtime DJ, Whoo Kid, via Shade 45. Buck claims he’s open to reconciliation, but certainly alludes to the fact that he’s not packing his bags for JFK, Newark, or Laguardia airports quite yet. Buck also details getting back in touch with Tony Yayo (who, with Lloyd Banks, is not in 50’s greatest graces at the moment), and collaborating recently.

Think this is a bluff, or even with Whoo Kid’s handiwork, the ultimate reverse/set-up for that Summer Jam stage-show that rewrites some important New York City (and Nashville) Hip-Hop history?

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