Beard Gang Got Bars In The Booth As DJ Premier Invites Jakk Frost To The Lab (Video)

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At the conclusion of 2013, DJ Premier shared his annual list of things he found particularly dope. In the past, this list has been album-driven. For ’13, Preem’s list was about songs. Some Heads were shocked, perhaps illuminated to see West Philadelphia MC veteran Jakk Frost at the top of the list. Jakk is not somebody who’s never publicly worked with Premier in the past, and the Beard Gang member (alongside Freeway, Malik B, and others) has never been a mainstream-known talent, despite rich underground status. However, Heads in the City Of Brotherly Love have long known that the deep-voiced, oft-humorous Jakk can melt a microphone or two despite his frosty flows.

For the latest installment of “Bars In The Booth,” Jakk heads to HeadQcourterz, where he attacks a beat with a ton of charisma. Video access adds to the song when you see Frost’s expressions as he pushes his nouns and verbs.

With an entire DJ Premier-produced album coming, is Jakk Frost’s long-awaited day in the sun soon coming?

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