Chance The Rapper Shows That He’s A Senior Freshman In This XXL Freestyle (Video)

Although Miley Cyrus claimed it, it was actually Chance The Rapper who came into 2013 like a wrecking ball. Chicago’s melodic native son countered the city’s epidemic violence with proof that youth there are insightful, disenfranchised, and longing for the same acceptance and promise that American youth have always sought, regardless of race, class, or city. With a jaw-dropping free mixtape in #AcidRap, Chance melted away the preconceived notions on what an MC is, and can be—despite his limiting name. Now honored to induction as a 2014 XXL Freshman, Chance The Rapper uses one 90-second freestyle for the magazine to give Heads every bit of this, without any confines of convention:

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