Chance The Rapper Teams With Apollo Brown, And The Results Are Explosive (Audio)

Chance The Rapper’s growing movement has been mostly with in-house producers (Nate Fox Blended Babies), give or a take a few looks from the likes of Jake One or BrandUn Deshay. However, in a rather surprising move, C.T.R. let loose a joint he made with Detroit, Michigan-based Apollo Brown. Apollo is part of The Left, and joins Oddisee, Gensu Dean and Has-Lo as the production corps at Mello Music Group. Brown’s done full albums with the likes of O.C., Guilty Simpson, and a Ghostface Killah remix LP. Now, he’s in step with the booming Chicago movement care of “The Writer.” The song is among the best heard so far from Chance in 2014, and in it he addresses his many insecurities—as all writers do. Brown, always orchestral, chills on the brass and vocal samples in favor of big strings. This is staying on repeat all day, with hopefully more of this chemistry to come…


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