For Mother’s Day, Eminem Gifts The Spike Lee-Directed Headlights Video

After some strong anticipation, Eminem released the Spike Lee-directed “Headlights” video for the Mother’s Day holiday. Those familiar with the Marshall Mathers LP 2 single know that it’s a powerful and personal song that makes some amends with Em’s oft-estranged mother.

The visual, which is filmed in washed color,¬†unlike Friday’s (May 9) teaser, uses POV shots, and some powerful contrasting vignettes to capture the perspective of Eminem’s mom while her son tells the story of why their relationship is so complicated, and at times, troubled. Em’s early albums vilified his mom, prompting legal actions, and public disputes. This video shows a bit more of Debbie Mathers’ side, or at least sympathizes, as the ending suggests.

Do you think this will be Em’s next heartfelt smash single, thanks, in large part, to this evocative visual? How does this stack up in Spike’s canon of Hip-Hop videos?

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