Get A Closer Listen To The Sidewalk Rapper Kanye West Complimented (Audio)

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Even Heads immune to daily paparazzi rundowns and celebrity gossip sites seemed to direct some interest to yesterday’s (May 5) video footage of Kanye West listening to a street rapper deliver seemingly-endless bars while ‘Ye walked the New York streets with spouse, Kim Kardashian. Headed home after a long night in the Big Apple, an attentively-listening Mr. West absorbed the bars, before going as far as complimenting the hungry artist who risked a rant by running up on one of music’s biggest superstars Jack The Rapper-style. Well, as the TMZ camera audio interrupted the artist with questions from various snapping paps, Ambrosia For Heads did a lil’ research and wanted to present some of what ‘Ye may have heard…


Believed to be Aaron Howard, the rapper known as Simbaa has a Soundcloud page like so many artists these days. The cuts include some ’90s-minded Horrorcore that nods to both Nine and Earl Sweatshirt, conceptual ode to southern belles, and a necessary freestyle over some vintage MF DOOM heat:

So after this little sampling, if you were Kanye West, what would you have said upon reaching those SoHo glass doors? Does he sound like anybody familiar to you?

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