It’s A Bronx Thing When Two Giants In The Mental, Kool Keith & A.G. Rock Out (Audio)

In the early 1990s, two of the finest, most innovative MCs in Hip-Hop were Kool Keith and A.G. From respected outfits Ultramagnetic MC’s and Showbiz & A.G., respectively, these men found frontier rhyme patterns and regularly traced their verses back to Hip-Hop’s origins. Such is the case for “Eldorado.” Both poets wax verse in an ill free-form style, that is always unpredictable, never stagnant—after dozens of projects and over 25 years in the game, each.

Photographs of Dr Octagon AKA Kool Keith and Automatic at Cargo, Shoreditch London December 14th 2006

Props to ego trip, who premiered this joint from K.K.’s upcoming 2LP, Demolition Crash.

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