Nas’ Illmatic Gets an Infectious Injection of Pure Soul (Mixtape)

Just when you thought the Nas Illmatic tributes were over, Cookin’ Soul pulls you right back in…The production team has created a completely re-imagined version of some of the album’s key tracks using some of the most soulful beats you will ever hear. This is a MONSTER. No matter how many times you’ve heard Illmatic, you’ve never heard it like this. Check out Soulmatic.


Here’s what Cookin’ Soul had to say about the project:

“In 2014, 20 years after its release, Illmatic is still considered as arguably the best hip-hop album of all times. Our intention when creating “Soulmatic” was not to just remix Illmatic album as such. Actually Soulmatic only contains 4 remixes from the original album… Also we have added a number of musical skits including comments, feelings and experiences from those who created the original album. The “Cookin Soul” way to get the listener closer to that particular state of mind that led to the creation of such a classic.”

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