Usher Raises The Bar In His New Single All About Lockin’ Lips (Video)

In August, Usher will celebrate 20 years since his self-titled debut set the way for a career in music, film, television, and philanthropy. Along the way, Ush’ has constantly evolved sonically, making Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and even some traditional Soul music. It’s hard to pin down his latest single, “Good Kisser.” Years removed from Prince’s “Kiss,” it seems as though the age-old act of affection has been off limits, if not uncool in adult-minded Pop songwriting. Usher challenges that convention, in a song that’s almost entirely about the act of smooching. Mr. Raymond showcases his top-notch crooning, but just as Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Pharrell have seemingly been presenting their vocals with a ’70s slant, Usher dabbles in some time-traveling of his own. Whereas “Love In This Club,” was an early product of the neon era, “Good Kisser” and its sound incorporate Soul-Jazz, traditional R&B, and a splash of Disco.

With Usher’s last #1 single being 2010’s “OMG,” do you think this vehemently different sound can take him to the top again?

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