Action Bronson Chases Caribbean Cuisine In Miami, Sandwiches In Philly (Video)

Action Bronson’s F*ck, That’s Delicious food series for Noisey gets a much-needed follow-up episode. Bam Bam raids the I-95 corridor for goodies, from Miami to Atlanta, with a bonus stop in Philly. With plenty of humor along the way from Bronson as well as his just-released right-hand-man Big Body Bes, Action chases a piled plate of Jamaican staples in Mi-Yayo. In addition to some quality food, Action shows new-jacks how to grub up properly at such establishments.

Next up in the Northern tour, the pair hit up ATL for some slow-cooked barbeque greatness. Bronson gets down and dirty in some fall-off-the-bone brisket before breakin’ north for the Illadelph. There, Bam Bam blesses the Italian Market to hit Paesano’s. This establishment is never afraid to crack an egg on a sandwich to make it a true Brotherly Love original.

With some quality laughs from the kitchen, Queens’ newest king keeps it moving, whetting appetites when he’s not protecting his stage, and movin’ heads.

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