Add-2 & Nitty Scott, MC Channel The Depression-Era Sound For A Bonnie & Clyde Cut (Audio)

Aside from OutKast’s Idlewild LP, Hip-Hop rarely goes back to the 1930s for inspiration. Add-2 and Nitty Scott, MC ignored the memo, as the Chi-City voice of hope and the Brooklyn-based flower-child put on new costumes in art and in verse. Not like Jay Z & Beyonce’s rendition of Bonnie & Clyde, this pairing talks about robbing the show, bagging up the props, and hitting mics like gangbusters under a beat accented with muted horns, and some smooth, juke-house piano playing (care of Ricky Dubs). You want some stylistic Hip-Hop? Look no further. Two great “Partners In Rhyme.”


With both artists’ penchant for charisma in videos, Heads are hoping to see the visual component here soon come…

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