AFH Celebrates 30 Years of Beat Street (Video Playlist)

30 years ago, on June 6, 1984, Orion Pictures released the seminal film, Beat Street. While there had been other movies about Hip-Hop culture (including Wild Style, Style Wars and Breakin’), because Beat Street was backed by a major distribution company and came at the near peak of mainstream recognition of break dancing culture, it represented a breakthrough for East Coast B-Boys and B-Girls. The film, which was produced by Harry Belafonte among others, showcased the grittier side of Hip-Hop culture to an entire nation that was just beginning to awaken to its power. It featured luminaries like The Treacherous Three, Sha Rock, Grandmaster Melle Mel, The Rock Steady Crew and more. While graffiti, MC’ing and DJ’ing were all showcased in the film, it was the electrifying break dancing that inspired a legion of breakers to buy their Kangols and Gazelles, cut up their cardboard and put their collective necks and limbs at risk to master the freshest moves.

In order to celebrate this landmark anniversary for Hip-Hop film, here’s a video playlist highlighting just a few of the key moment of a film that shaped an entire generation. Check it out.

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