Buckshot, P-Money & T’Nah Apex Remind That Hip-Hop is a Living Spectrum…and It’s the Sweetest Thing (Video)

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There’s a lot of chatter about which era is better in Hip-Hop. Truth is, Hip-Hop is and always will be a living, breathing spectrum of the music that is made, one day at a time. There was great Hip-Hop in the 90’s. There was TERRIBLE Hip-Hop then too. There is plenty of good and bad now, as well. Arguably, however, things are better now than ever because, unlike the past, artists now have the means to go straight to their audience, however big or small.

Buckshot, P-Money & T’Nah Apex embody this notion of Hip-Hop as a spectrum. Buckshot got his start in the 90’s as the rambunctious MC from Black Moon and Boot Camp Clik. Fast forward 20 years later and few of the new school crews have been more heavily influenced by Buckshot and the Clik than Pro Era, most often associated with Joey Bada$$. So, who better to join Buckshot on his latest release than one of Pro Era’s finest, T’Nah Apex? Her effortless transition from verse to song may remind some of MCs like Sweet Tee and Nonchalant. For others, it may be the first taste of a flow that is new to them. Whatever the case may be, it’s dope. And, it’s Hip-Hop. Chec out the video for the “Sweetest Thing.”

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