Dizzy Wright, Bishop Nehru, 9th Wonder and Jamla Create “BrILLiant” Music (Audio)

LRG Clothing releases BrILLiant Youth, a quick, 3 track EP with Funk Volume’s Dizzy Wright and New York artist Bishop Nehru. The project is produced entirely by 9th Wonder and also features fellow Jamla Army members Big Remo and Add-2.

Dizzy and Bishop mesh like water and ice, providing enough lyricism and style to set the two apart while making their union that much more desirable, while 9th lets loose simple yet supportive musical backdrops from the light, dreamlike cut, “Isolated,” to the late night driving soundtrack of “Wreckin’ Crew.”

Find Dizzy and Bishop rocking Lifted Research Group’s summer line in their 2014 lookbook.

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