DJ Jazzy Jeff, Questlove & James Poyser Form Like Voltron To Support One New Artist, But Who? (Video)

In the early 2000s, between Grammy awards going to The Roots and Neo-Soul climbing the charts, Philadelphia was a hot-bed of talent. At venues like The Black Lily and The Five Spot, artists from various pockets of sound were hanging out, collaborating, and making a case why Philly is The City Of Brotherly Love.

With factions and pockets since, this hasn’t been as transparent in music. Artists moved away, labels fell, studios closed. Three giants of the 2-1-5 sound (DJ Jazzy Jeff, Questlove, and The Soulquarians’ James Poyser) came together to support emerging voice Dayne Jordan. The youthful rapper is a product of the sound rooted in his youth, aiming to push thoughtful rhymes out of a city too frequently associated with crime and cholesterol. On “All About The Art,” Questo pounds the drum-skins, while Jeff freaks the plates on the platter, as Poyser laces his latest in a discography of dope beats in many genres.

With Chicago bridging the gap and redefining itself, is Philly next?

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