Everybody Loves The Sunshine Of Summer, Which Is Perfect For A Dope Soul Sample-Source Mix (Mixtape)

Back in the day, Urb magazine was a top music publication. Covering several genres, this Los Angeles-based publication was front-and-center for House, Trance, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Techno, Breakbeat, and various integral 1990s and 2000s waves of Electronic Dance Music (long before Heads were calling it “EDM”). What was more, Urb laced subscribers and stand-buyers with companion discs featuring the music of artists they covered.

Included on these compilations were records from Reflection Eternal, Kutmasta Kurt and Motion Man, Basement Jaxx, and Mission.

Well, the mixes are back. In Volume 3 of their new mixtape series, Urb links with DJ Shred One for a blended mix of Soul samples. Shred One pairs the sources with the songs that tapped into them for a bumpin’ mix that plays perfectly on the sunny days of Summer.


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