G-Unit’s Engine Just Started And They’re Already Gunning From 0 To 100 (Audio)

As if their performance at Summer Jam, an all new track, and subsequent reunion announcement wasn’t enough for fans of 50 Cent and G-Unit, don’t worry, your day just got better.

With an exclusive release on ThatsEnuff.com, the squad takes over the recently released Drake single, “0-100,” and provides that rough, raw, and gritty lyricism you’ve grown to expect from the Gorilla Unit.

G-Unit’s gassed up, they’re pushing the pedal to the metal, and all of their recent activity has got the rumor mill churning like an active volcano. G-Unit hopefuls are clamoring and praying for this remix to fall on an all new G-Unit Radio Mixtape, which would be their 26th such project in the series. One can hope that they can continue to drop new material with this rabid consistency, but only time will tell if they can keep up with the pace.


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