As Predicted, The Mid-2000s G-Unit Reunites As 50 Cent & Young Buck Make Peace

After months of speculation, 50 Cent’s co-headlining Summer Jam set yesterday (June 1) included a career benchmark. The Queens, New York superstar reunited with his multi-platinum G-Unit group at East Rutherford, New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium.


The group’s most famous, Beg For Mercy lineup of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck took the stage Sunday evening. Buck’s appearance, his first since early 2008, followed a very public and rather controversial departure from the group on the horizon of sophomore album, T.O.S.

Throughout the last year, Fif has also been estranged from Yayo and Banks, his Queens friends and core since the earliest days of G-Unit. The quartet performed the group’s hits, including “On Fire,” “So Seductive” and “I Smell P***y.” The 50 solo set also included definitive street tracks from his Top 40 debuting street album, 2002’s Guess Who’s Back?.

With Animal Ambition dropping in less than 24 hours, does 50 Cent’s public olive branch pique interest, for an artist who historically favors beef and controversy going into a release day?

With Tony Yayo and Young Buck both on positive terms with Game, is a full-on G-Unit reunion the next step/more possible than ever before?

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