Imagine Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Bill Bellamy & Marlon Wayans on 1 Stage. Or Just Read About It…

Dave Chappelle is returning to Radio City Music Hall later this month for an 8-night run with several guests, including Erykah Badu, The Roots, DJ Premier, Janelle Monae and more. As part of his prep, he assembled a dream team of comedy for 1 night only in February that included Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Bill Bellamy and Marlon Wayans. GQ was there to capture the moment (alas, only in writing). Check out an excerpt and a link to the full article below. You can also watch some vintage Chappelle standup from 1992.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

It was a routine Wednesday at the Comedy Cellar in N.Y.C….until Dave Chappelle dropped in for a surprise set. The unicorn of comedy then proceeded to invite a few famous audience members onstage for what morphed into a kind of roast/toast/love-in/improv session—and an instant classic in the annals of funny. On the eve of Chappelle’s five-night run at Radio City this month—his biggest professional moment in more than a decade—we asked the guys who were there that night (including the unicorn himself) a simple question: How the hell did this happen?

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