Locksmith Might Have 2014’s Strongest Freestyle, But Does He Also Have Best Cypher?

Locksmith is out for titles. Richmond, California’s own has a great (but slept-on) album out in A Thousand Cuts. He has one of the year’s most jaw-droppingly great freestyles, care of DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Radio spot, and now, care of Team Backpack, Lock’ is bidding for top cypher.

With fellow California MCs A-1 and Anilyst, the ‘Smith plays clean-up, and (literally) dismantles the mic with full intention of tearing down this set. Comical, cocky, and most of all…this cypha verse is deeply thoughtful. Take heed to perhaps the most critical verse of 2014 thus far…

Has there been a better cypher verse this year?

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