Pharrell’s Apollo Concert Is Available In Full Stream & Directed By Spike Lee (Video)

American Express’s #AmexUNSTAGED is an incredibly dope concert series pairing innovative, chart-topping artists with exciting musical halls and cinematic visionaries for a very public, unedited, concert in full. After doing The Roots & John Legend’s Amex-backed show some years back, iconic filmmaker Spike Lee hops on to show the light in Pharrell Williams.

With his best-selling solo album, G I R L, available now, the series (which features some captivating ads/interludes of Pharrell speaking to his inspirations) continues at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre. Skateboard P brings his fully-choreographed show to life, complete with dancers, stage explosions, and plenty of surprise guests (one Hustle Gang leader, and one Leader Of The New School, if we have to give hints only).

The full show runs continuously, so get in where you fit in, and enjoy one of Hip-Hop’s greatest entertainers, innovators, and driving spirits:

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