45 King Plays The Classics & The Breaks, Rocking An Hour-Long DJ Set For Boiler Room NYC (Video)

One of the true links in Hip-Hop’s chain from the mid-1980s to today is 45 King. Often credited as the founder of the original Flavor Unit, 45 King is also the man responsible for discovering MCs like Queen Latifah, Chill Rob G, and others, all while producing classic material for Gang Starr, Eminem, Jay Z, Apache, and more.

Since the ’80s, Mark has pressed up beat breaks compilations, his own stash of blends, and made DJ culture accessible to people who weren’t in the New York City/Newark area. Who better then, to DJ an hour-long set for Boiler Room NYC? The 45 King lays down his 7″ records and goes back—way back—in giving people that living artifact representation of Hip-Hop music and vast network of musical tributaries:

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