Action Bronson Heads To London To Disprove The Notion That English Food Lacks Flavor (Video)

From the proclaimed “Land of dirty sex, and cheap Chinese food,” Action Bronson’s “Fuck, That’s Delicious” NOISEY/VICE series heads to London, England. In a popular tourist destination not often associated with the savory foods of other European nations, Bam Bam Bronson shows Heads how to c’mon with the get-down and find some great grub. He sheds light on the “ultimate” pork bun, right in Londontown’s Chinatown.

On the rest of his Euro jaunt, Action samples some stoned room service, chases some curried chicken, bagels, and if you’re looking for something super-specific, scouse.

The local interactions in this series have gotten much more innovative and interesting…and the hunger-inducing factor has gone up like elevators.

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