DJ 7L & Frank The Butcher Salute The Artists Sampled On Bad Boy Records Hits (Mixtape)

From Craig Mack to Total, The Notorious B.I.G. to Black Rob, Ma$e to 112, part of what’s made Bad Boy Records so catchy in the mainstream has been the label’s fearlessness when it’s come to sampling. While skeptics may’ve criticized some of the more obvious recreations at the pinnacle of the so-called “Shiny Suit Era,” Puff Daddy and his label never had a problem sharing their publishing with the creators of the records they touched, be it Led Zeppelin, David Porter, or Mtume.

DJ 7L (who is widely known for his roles in 7L & Esoteric and CZARFACE), and Frank The Butcher, compiled a dope stack of plates (Bad Boy: Original Samples Mix), the records used to sample a plethora of hits for Bad Boy Worldwide. This mix not only honors two generations of dopeness, it plays beautifully over holiday outdoors festivities. “Press play!”


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