Souls Of Mischief Remind Us All That Word Is Bond (Audio)

The Souls Of Mischief are coming out (There Is Only Now, August 26) to remind Heads that the Oakland, California quartet helped architect so much of what is in vogue right now. Tajai, Opio, Phesto Dee, and A-Plus found the proper balance between smooth and thoughtful in the early ’90s, and with ceaseless touring, the energetic live-show has endured the collective through years with no albums, four solo pursuits, and an assortment of label maneuvers and changes.

With the sonic message, Souls also stand for an O.G.’s stance in things. This comes out in “All You Got Is Your Word,” a song that reminds Heads to honor their truths and promises, and never compromise. In a deleted-tweet era, this song (the second glimpse of the LP) rings loud and proud, and with Adrian Younge’s instrumentation, sounds hella good to boot:


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