Souls of Mischief & Snoop Dogg Tell A West Coast Love Story (Video)

Time travel through musical backdrops influenced by the past and fostered in the present with the Souls of Mischief and fellow West Coast native Snoop Dogg in visuals to their latest cut, “There Is Only Now.” The title track to their upcoming album, There Is Only Now, boasts buttery, ambient production from Adrian Younge that lays the landscape for the Hieroglyphics affiliates to spread a story of love and growth between a young couple.

It’s been 5 years since Souls of Mischief dropped Montezuma’s Revenge and after much delay with the release of There Is Only Now, fans who have been with the foursome since the beginning are going to be in for a real treat when it officially drops later this August. In an interview last year with XXL magazine, Adrian Younge explained the album’s concept and it’s influences stemming from some of their own previous work and other classics from the early 90’s.

“It’s a project that if somebody misses the sounds of 93 ’til Infinity meets The Low End Theory meets De La Soul Is Dead. If somebody misses that kind of sound, they’ll be happy to hear this album because it goes back to that time, you know. Kind of like how the Ghostface [Killah] album [12 Reasons To Die] kind of went back to that time. And I love both styles of music back then, so I’m very, very excited.”

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