Wu-Tang Clan Breaks Down Their Film Connections, Early RZA & GZA Singles (Videos)

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Nardwuar’s infinite pursuit of interviews continues. The Human Serviette catches the Wu-Tang Clan backstage in Vancouver, British Columbia for a Q&A that RZA admits he greatly evaded. Perhaps Heads can see why in the final third of the interview.

However, for the first 10 minutes, Nardwuar goes in on Kung-Fu flicks, vibing with RZA, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, U-God, and Ghostface Killah about some of the film connections within the Clan discography. Additionally, RZA offers up some quality Bruce Lee history, that expounds on some of the racism and cheap marketing of smaller film studios in the early 1970s.

Moving to his signature bag of wax, Nardwuar yanks out Prince Rakeem (RZA’s original name) Tommy Boy Records EP and The Genius’ (now known as The GZA) “Come Do Me.” RZA recalls why “Tommy ain’t his boy,” but points to a 1991 usage of “Wu-Tang,” referring to a remix on the back. Additionally, it’s revealed that U-God and Chef were extras in a video from the era—getting a particularly un-enthused anecdote for the latter.

Lastly, in an odd final third of the interview, Nardwuar presses RZA about some disparaging comments GZA (who was not present) made in recent years surrounding the group’s lack of new material. He also pulls out a Blowfly album, referring to a diss—and later a Syl Johnson sample—involving the crew. As these questions are fired, watch the body-language of the other members.

On many levels, this is an entertaining segment, with some questions that only a Head would think to ask. Thanks Nardwuar!

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