B.o.B. Makes a Song Reminiscent of 2Pac, KRS, Public Enemy & Other Hip-Hop Revolutionaries (Audio)

B.o.B. has released one of the most powerful songs of his career. Hip-Hop has stood up in droves in light of what is happening in Ferguson, MO, right now. And, the messages have come from many different perspectives. B.o.B. has taken the opportunity for a call to action among African-Americans to look in the mirror and make a change. Without in any way taking away from the significance of Michael Brown’s death, Bobby Ray points out that there is far less outrage in the community that Blacks are killing each other, by the hundreds, each and every day. He calls for more Black self-empowerment and attacks self-imposed stereotypes that hold back the community. This stands next to some of the most revolutionary material from Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions and Tupac. “New Black” is well worth a listen (or several).

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