Gravediggaz Heads Ask In A Mix… Who’s Nicer: RZA Or Prince Paul? (Audio)

Hip-Hop has produced some groups stacked with more than one dope producer. EPMD celebrated the funk-driven knock that was both Erick Sermon and Parish Smith. The Beatnuts has Psycho Les and JuJu, two Corona, Queens masters of psyche samples and percussion. D.I.T.C includes giants such as Lord Finesse, Buckwild, Showbiz and Diamond D, all under one shingle.

In just two albums, 1994’s 6 Feet Deep and 1997’s The Pick, The Sickle, and The Shovel, The Gravediggaz boasted both RZA and Prince Paul. While each super-producer would later vacate the group to pursue other projects, for those two Horror-core benchmarks , the two New Yorkers used Gee Street’s budget and dug deep for those dusty samples. Two masterful reflection sites, UpNorthTrips and UnKut, made a mix, taking 10 joints from RZARector and 10 joints from The Undertaker, as each was known in the Gravediggaz’ context. The two former Tommy Boy Records solo artists always loved a little competition, so why not?

Check this mix, and weigh in… who’s best?

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