Katt Williams Defends Suge Knight In Shooting, Chris Brown To Cooperate

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On Sunday morning (August 24), Marion “Suge” Knight was shot six times in West Hollywood, California, at a club. The former music mogul, and co-founder of Death Row Records was stated to be in critical condition upon his hospitalization, while rumors swirled surrounding the events at a party at 10AK hosted by Chris Brown.

Less than three days later, information is pending.

While Suge Knight’s history of violence and arrests have prompted allegations, comedian/actor Katt Williams is among those to defend the Compton, California native football star-turned-record exec.


“Now if you’re an idiot you can believe this was about Suge Knight,” Williams said in a statement to celebrity gossip site, TMZ. “But Suge Knight has been accessible every day of his life for 20 years. We know who it was aimed at. We know whose life he saved. And we know why they won’t talk about it…If it was gang-related then why didn’t it happen thoroughly? You see there’s parts of this story that just don’t seem to make sense. You’re saying it was gang-related. So, that means somebody’s gang was shooting at somebody’s gang and somebody’s gang didn’t shoot back. That’s your story? That’s not really how gang stuff works, is it?”

Knight has been long associated with Compton’s MOB Piru street gang, a faction of the Bloods. While Suge has never publicly confirmed these associations, his jewelry, former ventures, and Death Row song titles played into “MOB.” Knight also famously employed both Crips and Bloods from throughout Los Angeles while running Death Row, including his dear friends Jake “Big Jake” Robles, Alton “Buntry” McDonald, and Wardell “Poochie” Fouse. All three men have been murdered over the last 19 years. The last of the three is alleged trigger-man in the murder of The Notorious B.I.G., according to former LAPD Detective Greg Kading’s book, Murder Rap.

Throughout Suge’s spotlight, the Compton never has publicly bemoaned police cooperation. Famously, Suge refused to speak to police following the shooting murder of Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas, Nevada. The mogul admitted that he would not provide information surrounding Shakur’s killer.

Chris Brown has a different view. Brown, who is seen in club security cameras near Knight at the time of the incident, says he plans to cooperate. “Chris [Brown] hosted an event in Los Angeles last night to celebrate the upcoming release of his album X, during which an incident occurred,” Brown’s representative said to Billboard yesterday (August 25). “This incident did not involve Chris; he was merely the host of the event. He has and will continue to cooperate with the investigation.”

Like Knight, Brown also has a history of violence, and arrests.

Knight’s family also released this press statement following the events on August 24. “The family of Suge Knight ask that you keep Suge in your prayers and to stray away from the negativity portrayed by the media,” said the statement. “Suge is currently resting and has lost a lot of blood, he’s human. He’s done a lot of things for the community and the culture as a whole so we ask that you respect that.”

Knight has four children.

What is your take on all of this?

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